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Adversity often comes with opportunity
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Today we all need to be doing the same thing.

  1. Be productive.

Even if your not making money right now make sure you spend your time being productive one way or another. Don't waste your time, do all your catch up work. Do repairs, paint, clean, organize.


  1. Build your reputation or name recognition.

    When you go out to do a job and you have nothing to do afterwords help the guys on the job. Build relationships so when things do pick up they will remember you. When we were slow I would stay and help clean up for the contractor or help finish the concrete. I enjoyed getting to know the guy and it led to many call backs.

  2. Reevaluate the way you do business and your every day expenses.

I called to check my phone rates a while back and I saved over 200% on my phone bill. Just be smart and take a look at each of your cost and see if you can find a better deal without sacrificing quality.

  1. Don't lose track of your family remember they are watching you.

In the past many operators worked 60 to 80 a week and family always got the short end of the stick. Well now we don't have much of an excuse. If your an operator and your spend a lot of time at home than spend that time being productive help around the house and bless your wife for putting up with you for all these years. Don't make her pray you go back to work just to get rid of you.

  1. Look for opportunities to serve those who need help even if you need help yourself.

Remember there are always going to be someone who has it worse than you. Reach out to other and it will make you feel better about yourself and it will show your family that we need each other.

  1. Don't lose focus.

If you cant do what you want, do what you can and do it well. Make sure your evaluate everything. Your job, opportunity, finances and your family. Make sure your family is doing ok. Remember guys your family needs you no matter how bad things get they are better off with you than without you, believe me I know this from personal experience.

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